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Co-Axial Cables for CATV Networks PVC
Co-Axial Cables for CATV Networks PVC

- High quality Co-axial for Cable TV network
- Notch free attenuation values over wide range of frequencies
- The special jacketing offers increased life even in rugged conditions

Conductor: The central conductor is made of solid electrolytic grade copper conductor, which has distinct advantages over traditional copper conductor.

Insulation: The insulation provided over the conductor is of foam PE which acts as a dielectric.

Screen: Aluminium Mylar tape is provided over the insulated conductor to shield the conductor and ensure disturbance free transmission of signals.

Braiding: Co-Axial Cables for CATV Networks PVC The braiding is generally provided with 60% coverage of ATC (Annealed tinned copper) / AL (alloy).

Marking: The cables are marked.

Co-Axial Cables for CATV Networks PVC

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