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Wiring Harnesses For Appliances / Lifts Etc And Cables

We are one of the leading manufacturers of wire harness Harness, Wiring harness, Automobile harness, Wiring Harnesses For Appliances Or Lifts Etc And Cables Harness for automobile, Automotive harness, Truck wiring harness, Motor harness, Elevator harness, Elevator motor harness, Lift harness, Harnesses for appliances lifts etc and cables assemblies, Appliances wiring harness, Wiring harness for appliances, Paneling harness, Panel harness, Control panel harness, Refrigerator harness, Refrigerator wiring harness, Solar Light harness, Bus harness, Bus wiring, Automobile wiring, etc.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of wire harness for lifts & other appliances. Harness is bunch of wires which are tied with the cables or places in sleeves for putting ready into sleeves, after which they are ready to connect to multiple places with clips, connectors. So electrical wire harness can be fitted to the end of the wires. Our auto wire harness is designed to perform under extreme conditions with uninterrupted services and can sustain heavy loads. Our wire harnesses are manufactured as per customer specifications and in compliance to international quality & safety standards.

Harnesses for various application like:

* Automobile wiring harness like Bus wiring harness, truck wiring harness along with wiring harnesses for four/two wheelers.
* Elevators  harnesses for lifts for multistoried building as per the specifications of the elevator manufacturers.
* Harnesses for home appliances like refrigerators, televisions etc.
* Chilling plants: Electrical wire harness is extensively used in chilling plants.

High quality PVC wires and cables are using for above harnesses.

About Us

From modest beginning in 1995 when our first unit of the manufacturing of PVC Cables was set up SA has grown from strength to strength over the years.

We have been expanding and diversifying rapidly and today we have been recognized as one of the leading and fast expanding company in PVC Cables ,PVC Pipe manufacturing, PVC Casing Capping/ Trunking, PVC Compound, Copper/ Aluminium Wire Drawing
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